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Favorite Friday: Solar Eclipse

Last night there was a partial solar eclipse beginning in Asia and making its way over areas of Siberia, Scandinavia, Iceland, Canada, and Alaska.  I was surprised to learn that it was 2011’s second partial eclipse.  I guess I always thought that eclipses were an unusual occurrence.

National Geographic (have I mentioned that I love this site?  They have some of the best photos) has some really cool photos of it.

Photo from ChinaFotoPress / Getty Images. Location: Changchun, China on 6/1/11 (Click for larger image)

There’s going to be another partial eclipse on July 1, but that one will only be visible from a spot off the coast of Antarctica.  Williams College eclipse expert Jay Pasachoff states “no airplane flights seem to be passing through the region at the proper time, so it is probable that no human will see it”.  I find that amazing!  Even more so than learning that eclipses (albeit partial eclipses) aren’t unusual, but that they happen without us even seeing them!

If you’re as interested as I was, you can view the entire gallery of the eclipse here.  I’ll have to look up when the next eclipse will be in view from my porch.  The last one I witnessed was this past December:

Location: Roosevelt, NJ on 12/21/10

This was taken at 3 am in the freezing cold.  I had set the alarm to see it and my hands were so cold I couldn’t play with the settings.  But I managed to get something so it payed off.  I’d love to be able to try again though.

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