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NJ to ME and Everything in Between: Polar Caves Park

One of my favorites of the trip was Polar Caves Park in Rumney, NH.  I always find caves interesting and a bit creepy.  We went through a cave on last year’s camping trip and I had requested another cave tour for this year as well.

The entrance for Polar Caves, located in Rumney, NH (Picture taken 5/15/11)

The park had a small zoo that consisted of lots of pheasant type birds and some deer.  It also had a rock garden that you could walk around and read about the different types of rocks and boulders, plants and trees, and the sugar houses that are located in the area.  The cave portion of the park has eight small caves and were self-guided.  Since it was raining and too early in the season, we were the only ones wandering around the park which was fine with me.  We got to go at our own pace, look at things, and go through the caves as slow as we liked without fighting the crowds or little kids.

The deer looking out at us wondering if they should venture out in the rain to see if we had any food for them. (Picture taken 5/15/11)

Some of the caves were a little tricky and slow going to get through.  They were very slippery and a lot of ducking and crawling had to be done.  My favorite sign in the park gave directions on how to proceed through a tough spot: “Left shoulder and foot first – then push and pull yourself over the large boulder”.  Needless to say I took the other way around.

The St Bernard rock. (Picture taken 5/15/11)

Through one of the caves I hit my head so hard against the rock that I thought I was bleeding.  It turned out to be only the rain dripping on my head.

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