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Favorite Friday: 10 Most Visited National Parks

In honor of National Park Week and Earth Day, I am posting a list National Geographic has on the Top 10 Most Visited National Parks.  They have all kinds of photo galleries on National Parks, including each park with it’s own gallery, Top 10 lists, and viewer submitted photos.

Because of my obsession with National Parks and my life goal to visit all in the United States (the Rockies!  Alaska!  Everglades!  Hawaii!), I was happy to see I have been to one on the list already, the list’s #1 Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee.

Picture take by Siyuan Yang. Location: Great Smokey Mountains, Clingmans Dome. Highest point in the Smokies at 6,643 feet. (Click for larger image)

I have been to three parks, Shenandoah in Virginia, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, and the Smokies, but I think I liked the Smokies the best.  Just something about them makes you look at everything in awe and wonder.  The pictures I have really does not do them justice.  And the park is huge!  It stretches into Tennessee and North Carolina, so I see another visit to them in my future.

I have another camping trip planned next month to Acadia National Park, which made #9 on the list.

Picture taken by Steve Shpall. Location: Acadia National Park, Maine. Mount Desert Island. (Click for larger image)

I am very excited to visit this park.  It’s a combination of the ocean and mountains, and there’s even a chance I might see whales or puffins!  I hope to bring back lots of beautiful pictures to share with you.  But in the meantime, you can visit the other eight of the Most Visited Parks here.  And here is a complete list and photo galleries of all the National Parks in the States.  Maybe it’ll inspire you to visit one in person.

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