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Drawing With Lights

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost” -J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve always liked this quote.  It reminds me a lot of myself because I feel like I’ve wandered around a lot through my life and I don’t necessarily feel like I’m lost.  At moments I may feel like that, but looking over the bigger picture I don’t think I’m lost.  I’m just taking a little longer to get places in my life than others… I’m definitely taking my time and smelling (and photographing!) the roses.  I’ve never had a set plan for my life and hate answering the “So where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years?” question.  I have no idea and can’t even tell you what will happen this year.  I’ve been in and out of colleges (yes, numerous colleges) the last 12 years and still haven’t gotten a degree yet.  I’ve changed my mind lots of times over what I want to be when I grow up and finally, I have made a final decision of getting certified to train service dogs.  Maybe I’ll go back to school and finish my degree in something, I haven’t decided yet.  :)  I’ve traveled up and down the East Coast, sometimes spur of the moment “I have 3 days off, let’s go to Virginia Beach/Maine/North Carolina/Washington DC!” decisions.  I don’t plan vacations, I just go and do whatever strikes me when I get there.  I’ve spent nights and gone to concerts in Philly and New York City (FYI Halloween night in New York City is magical), parties in New Brunswick, and I’ve gotten lost a lot through my travels.  I can get myself back on the right track relatively easy so I (surprisingly) don’t stress out too much when I do get lost.  And I think that sums up my life: I may wander around slower than the average person and get a little lost along the way, but I always get myself back on track… on my track I want to be on at that time.

A few days ago I was driving around the Princeton area and accidentally took a wrong turn.  While I was trying to get myself orientated, I passed this bridge and right away noticed the frozen water and ice.  Once I got situated, I had to stop and get pictures.  It was just so pretty and I’m glad I took a quick stop.  Sometimes you find beautiful things when you wander.  (Picture taken 1/9/14)

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