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Drawing With Lights

Little Icicle

It’s been really cold and snow has been falling a lot here in NJ lately.  We just had some snow this morning that turned into a rain/ice/sleet mixture by the afternoon.  While out and doing some errands, my sister decided she wanted pizza for dinner.  So waiting for the pizza, we were walking around the plaza a little and I noticed little icicles on the branches.  I started to take some pictures of them but got a little shy and put my camera away when I noticed someone watching me a little more closely than people usually do.  Once we got our pizza and walking back to the car, the same guy came up to me and asked if I worked for a newspaper.  At first I was caught off guard and didn’t know why he would ask that but it took me a second to realize why he thought that.  I laughed it off and said no, I just like to take pictures.  The girl he was with got so excited about that, yelled out “me too!”, and pulled out her phone to show me her pictures.  Hers were much nicer than mine, I thought.  I was too embarrassed to share mine with her.  It’s nice to run into other photographer enthusiasts, but I always feel so inadequate and terribly shy about sharing my pictures with others.  I always feel “not good enough”.  (Picture taken 12/17/13)

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