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Christmas! [Gallery]

Yesterday I spent the day at Peddler’s Village.  It was a wonderful day filled with pancakes (raspberry white chocolate!), hot chocolate, shopping, Christmas lights, and chocolate.  It would have been a bonus if it had snowed but that’s okay.  I’ve been wanting to see Peddler’s Village during the Holidays for a few years now so I was excited to go, snow or not.  And I was not disappointed.  The lights were beautiful and it felt very festive.  The only thing that was a downer was not having money to Christmas shop, but it’s okay.  I still enjoyed everything about the day.

(Picture taken 12/7/13)

The windmill in the center of the village is one of my favorite things there.  Every time I visit I always get pictures of it.  It’s just really cool looking and interesting to me, and I’m not sure why I’m drawn to it.  Maybe because it reminds me of horse drawn carriages, ladies with floor length full skirts holding umbrellas, and suited gentlemen with mustaches.

(Picture taken 12/7/13)

And of course I had to look for the Moon.  I have lots of Moon pictures with the Christmas lights and decorated trees, but this is one of my favorites.

(Picture taken 12/7/13)

The whole day and trip was such a great way to welcome the Holidays.  I’m really glad I finally got to go see all the lights.

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