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Thanksgiving Cattails [Gallery]

Before our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, I wanted to go outside for a little bit.  I worked all week and wanted to explore the Assunpink (or The ‘Pink as I like to call it).  It was a really pretty day out but it was cold and windy.  We weren’t able to stay out long because it’s hunting season and I kept hearing the gunshots which was making me nervous.  I felt really bad for the animals that weren’t having such a great day and I kept having visions of a hunter somehow mistaken me for a deer and thought I would be an easy target.  We were also getting hungry thinking about our dinner waiting for us at home (homemade cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, vegetarian sausage and apple stuffing, seasoned vegetables, biscuits, sweet potato pie, apple pie, pumpkin ice cream… such an excellent dinner!).

Since we didn’t spend long at The ‘Pink, I don’t have many pictures, but I did end up with lots of cool shots of the cattails and the lakes.  I also got a good picture of the lake I let my two turtles go after having them a really long time (10 years about) but realized it just wasn’t working out for me to have them anymore.  (Don’t worry, I acquired them from someone who caught them from a lake originally so my turtles -hopefully- still remembered what to do.)  I like to go to the lake and say hello and hope they’re doing well in their home.

(Picture taken 11/29/13)

The ducks out on the lake were just a little too far and I had a hard time focusing on them instead of the cattails.  I tried to then use different shots to focus on the cattails instead and use it to my advantage.  I did get some interesting photos but it was hard.  I think my pictures started to get repetitive, but I do like some of them.

(Picture taken 11/29/13)

(Picture taken 11/29/13)

(the cattails are getting closer and closer!…)

(Picture taken 11/29/13)

And now one last cattail picture for you.  I’m not sure if I like it in black and white or not, but I decided to include it anyway.  I think I like it most of the time but I feel like something’s missing or off about it.  I can’t figure it out though so it could be just me imagining things.

(Picture taken 11/29/13)


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