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Drawing With Lights

Fire in the Sky

I love this tree and I really like this picture I took.  I have a Summer version of the tree and my goal is to get all four seasons and then frame them together in a “4 Seasons” series.  As I drove by it a few days ago, I noticed all the pretty Fall colors and immediately thought of the series I wanted to do.  I’ve learned in the past that when I see a photo opportunity I like, I have to stop and get the picture.  It may not be there the next time I go past again.  So I turned around and tried to get a bunch of different shots to try to match my Summer Tree.  Not only did I succeed in getting a pretty good match (and I really love how they look next to each other!  I’m excited to get Winter and Spring photos now.  I just hope I can do the next two as well as I did the first two), but I also played around with some of the colorings and saturation for some of the leftovers.  This version of the Fall Tree is one of my favorites.  (Picture taken 11/4/13)

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