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Drawing With Lights

Colors in the Sky

I wanted to go for a trail walk this weekend because I haven’t had a good chance to take pictures of all the pretty colors yet.  I was hoping I wasn’t too late and I wasn’t disappointed at all with any of the pictures I came back with.  The day started off really cold and windy but it got really warm once the sun came out.  I like looking up at the trees and seeing all the oranges and reds against the blue sky.  They’re so pretty and I don’t think you could take a bad picture of them.  When I saw this, I tried to take some pictures but what I saw in the frame didn’t really come out as I saw it in my head.  I took this one picture and thought “Oh this isn’t really going to work out” and we kept going.  Later on, I realized how pretty this actually came out and regret not taking a few more, but I’m glad I at least have this one photo.  I still really like it even if that one branch is out of focus.  I think it makes the picture a little more interesting.  (Picture taken 11/3/13)

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