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Drawing With Lights

Walking Among the Lost

I missed posting something for Halloween this week because I had a lot going on and the week just flew past me (hello November!  You got here fast!).  So I know this is late but I still wanted to share…

This was taken at the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital‘s cemetery in Marlboro, NJ.  The hospital opened in 1931 and housed an average of 780 patients.  There are 924 people that were unclaimed by family when they passed away while at the hospital and were buried at the cemetery across the street.  Each grave is just marked by a number that corresponds with a name on a memorial that was eventually constructed to commemorate them.  It is such a sad place to visit and really makes you wander around in awed silence.  I can’t even imagine how family members coped with having someone in the hospital (if they cared), let alone being someone who had to stay there, against their own will or otherwise.

It’s scary for me to think about being thrown into a psychiatric hospital because I wasn’t considered “normal”, or had emotions or acted in a way that wasn’t totally understood by anyone, not even doctors.  I like to think that we’ve come a little bit to help people with autism, anxiety, depression, etc, to feel like they’re able to ask for help without being stigmatized or categorized, but I don’t think we’re totally there yet.  People need to have a more open mind and be a little more understanding about mental health.  No matter what issue you suffer from, it is not easy.  For some, it is a constant and daily struggle that just doesn’t easily “go away”.  Sometimes just a hug means the world.  (Picture taken 10/9/11)

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