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Cats and Kittens in Black and White, Part I [Gallery]

As I was looking through my pictures, trying to decide what to post next, I noticed I had a few pictures of the cats in black and white.  I have a lot of cats in my life and thought it might be cool to do a photo gallery of them all.  And I don’t know why I’m only doing black and white.  Maybe because they look a little cooler, or maybe I’ve been watching too many The X-Files episodes.  But as I was choosing, I realized I didn’t have black and white photos I liked of them all so I’ll break it up.  This way they’ll be more cat posts in the future!

Of course my boy is first.  Spooky will be 14 years old on Halloween next week and though he’s the biggest brat sometimes, he is always my friend and the best company.  He is constantly with me and my mom has always said that Spooky probably would love it if I could leash him and take him everywhere with me.  In fact, in honor of Spooky and his companionship, my next tattoo will be his paw print on the top of my foot.  I’ve already stamped his feet for it.

(Picture taken 10/4/13)

Angel is my mom’s cat.  Her nicknames are Munchkin and Pixie because she’s so little.  Angel has the stereotypical cat personality of wanting to get petted one second and at the next, she’s hissing and running away.  She really is cute no matter how much she tries to act tough.  She also makes the best grump faces when she’s not happy.

(Picture taken 10/18/13)

And this is Romeo.  He is one of the newest members of our cat family.  My sister and I saved him from a rainstorm a month prior to this picture.  He’s growing fast and is all leg and tail right now.  He’s got the longest tail I’ve ever seen on a cat and I’m wondering if he’ll grow into it.  His legs seem to be too long for him and sometimes he looks like he doesn’t know what to do with them.  It’s fun to watch him grow but sometimes he’s the biggest trouble maker ever and gets into everything.

(Picture taken 9/10/13)

I’ll be taking more pictures of the other cats for the next gallery.  And in between taking pictures of them and posting, I’ll continue watching The X-Files.

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