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Drawing With Lights

Dr. Seuss Tree

I haven’t been feeling well since the beginning of October.  What started off as a simple cold/sinus thing ended up in my chest and I can’t stop coughing.  In that time frame, I’ve gone through 3 bottles of cough syrup and at this point I’m refusing to buy more.  I can’t tell if the syrup just isn’t working like everyone swears it should, or I have something worse that I need to see a doctor for.  And since I don’t have health insurance right now (yay new job!), I kind of have to deal with it.  I really don’t feel like paying out of pocket to see a doctor who’s just going to tell me I’m fine and take some cough syrup.  The longer I go with sleepless nights and headaches because of this irritating cough though, I might just cough up the money (ha ha!) and go to a doctor.  We’ll see though.  I have a feeling I’m going to be stubborn and wait this out.

Since I’m not feeling that well and getting depressed about other things in my life (such as finances.  Thanks Superstorm Sandy for making me get a car with a car payment I can’t really afford right now and missing out on cool, fun activities that cost money I don’t have), I wanted to post something fun and silly.  While on one of our Spring walks earlier this year, I came across this tree with these weird, curly stick things.  Every time I look at the pictures, I always think of Dr. Seuss.  I’m looking for Horton somewhere around here.  (Picture taken 3/10/13)

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