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Drawing With Lights

“Summertime Sadness”

Even though Summer made an early exit this year and left us a little chillier than normal, there are still signs of Summer trying to hold on for just a bit longer.  My mom always has flowers outside her apartment.  They brighten everything up  and I’m always saddened when they start to fade away and die.  As much as I love lots of things about the cooler weather and Fall, signs of Summer leaving disappoint me.  I don’t deal well with Winter, especially mentally.  I’ve never been officially diagnosed but I’ll bet I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and I’m not just throwing that out to say.  I get pretty bad during these cold months coming up.  Seeing Summer leave reminds me that Winter is just around the corner and that makes me sad.  But for now, I’ll try to focus on all the fun stuff I like about the cooler weather.  (Picture taken 9/5/13)

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