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Drawing With Lights

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Just about every year, Patrick and I go pumpkin picking and most of the time we carve the pumpkins to put out on the porch.  Though Summer is my favorite season, I like Fall a lot (it’s tied with Spring as my second favorite).  I love pumpkin flavored anything (Dunkin Donuts’ pumpkin cream cheese on a plain bagel was last year’s favorite), the cooler weather is nice to run in after a hot and humid Summer, the colors are beautiful, and Halloween and scary movies is just around the corner!  Pretty soon Thanksgiving will be here (food!) and Christmas will arrive before I know it (more food!  Plus presents!).  And then all of a sudden it’ll be 2014.  As much as I enjoy this time of year, it always goes by really quickly and the boring, cold, dreary, long months of January and February arrive.

But for now I’ll try not to think that far in the future.  Right now I’ll just enjoy the things and weather I like in the present and live in the moment.  (Picture taken 10/9/11)

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