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Drawing With Lights


While driving home in the snow one day after work, I was captivated by how the snow fell. The  big, fat snowflakes gently falling looked so peaceful and beautiful.  I pulled over to take some pictures and I really hoped I would be able to get the snow actually falling.  Sometimes getting a nice picture of snow falling is hard for me because it’s falling to fast and shows up blurry (no matter how much I mess with the manual settings), or the flakes are so small they don’t really show up as well as I’d like them to.

I ended up with a few photos I really liked, including these two.  I took these in the same spot, just with different focuses.  I can’t decide which one I like better because I like each for different reasons.

This first one I focused on the trees.  I’m happy with how the snow looks falling.  It looks so pretty and feels like a horse and carriage will be coming around the corner, taking a family all bundled up together back to their cottage.

(Picture taken 3/16/13)


With this photo, I focused on the snow on my car window with the tree in the background.  I like how some of the snowflakes are melted and some are not.  This photo just  makes me think of Christmas Eve and looking out the window on a snowy night, waiting for Santa and presents.

(Picture taken 3/16/13)


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