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Drawing With Lights

Philadelphia in Black & White

We spent the day this past Saturday in Philadelphia to see My Neighbor Totoro (such a cute movie, and it always makes me want to go outside to look for and meet the wood spirits.  Oh and I also want to bring home my own Totoro).  After the movie we decided to go for some vegan pizza and while driving around, I spent most of the time taking pictures from the passenger window.  I was playing with the settings on the camera to make some of the photos look blurred, but I didn’t have anything I really liked.  Most of the ones I liked were nice and clear shots of the neighborhood.  This building made me think of being in the past, with ladies in long skirts and holding frilly umbrellas and men in suits, holding pocket watches.  Philadelphia always has a way of being able to transfer me back in time somehow.  (Picture taken 7/27/13)

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