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After the Rain [Gallery]

I’ve been working on the (immensely) huge task of going through and organizing all my photos on my laptop.  Believe me when I say it’s a huge task… I have 8 folders on my desktop, all of them with 3,000+ pictures in each.  For a long time, all I did was upload my pictures off my camera and left them in those random folders.  Now I’m trying to go back and organize them all and delete the “uglies” and blurry ones.  It’s very overwhelming and I don’t like doing it at all but it has to get done.

As I’m going through them, I’m seeing I like to take photos of raindrops on flowers and leaves.  I’m not sure what draws me to raindrops but I do know that I like to walk around outside after it rains.  Everything feels so clean and refreshed, and lots of interesting bugs come out.  Flowers seem to open up more and look brighter, and I always look for the rainbow afterwards.

Here are some of my favorite raindrop photos I’ve come across so far.


My mom always has flowers in her yard.  I really like the single raindrop on the flower petal and the bright color of the flower.

(picture taken 7/16/12)

The tiger lily is one of my favorite flower.  I love the colors they come in, and this one was such a pretty orange color.  There’s always really pretty and interesting flowers in the O’Leary backyard.  It’s one of my favorite places to take photos of flowers.

(picture taken 6/24/11)

After the rain stops falling, it’s one of my favorite chances to practice with the macro lens.  It’s kind of tricky for me sometimes, but when it works out right I like how the drops of rain look on the blades of grass.

(picture taken 5/8/13)

This is some more macro lens practice.  I did this one in black and white and I think it came out different and interesting.

(picture taken 5/8/13)

And all the interesting and cool looking bugs that come out!  I always try to find them because they’re just so cool and capture my attention.  I may not like bugs living in my house at all and request their presence to be removed immediately, but when they’re outside in their own home, I don’t mind at all.

(picture taken 6/24/11)

When raindrops are on spider webs, they make the web look so much more sparkly and prettier.

(picture taken 7/19/11)

And after the rain, don’t forget to look for the rainbow!

(picture taken 6/3/12)

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  1. Patrick says:

    Wow, you do a really good job with that Macro lens. These photos look like they should be in national geographic.

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