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Drawing With Lights

Soaring So High Up in the Sky

After work I had made a quick stop at Thompson Park and almost missed the eagle that was flying around.  When I turned into the park, I thought to myself I wasn’t going to stay if I didn’t see anything interesting enough to take pictures; it was a very cold February day, I was tired, and just wanted to get home.  I quickly scanned the lake, didn’t see anything, and made a u-turn around to go back home.  As I was heading out of the lot, a park security truck waved me off to the side and motioned for me to roll down my window.  He pointed down into the park and told me there was an eagle flying around and I should go see it, that it was a “once in a lifetime” thing.  That certainly caught my attention so I made another u-turn and headed back into the park.  Sure enough, flying back and forth across the lake, was the eagle.  He was so much bigger than the seagulls and geese that hang out there and he was just amazing to watch.  He was just a little too far and going a little too fast for me to get any really good pictures, but I am very excited I got to see him.  I just wonder how he got himself into NJ.  It’s just such a weird place for him to end up.  (Picture taken 2/9/13)

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