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Project 52: February 17 – 23, 2013 | Week 7

Project 52: February 17 – 23, 2013 | Week 7, Theme 2: Life

One half of Buster and Keaton passed away in her sleep this week on February 20th. When I adopted them almost 10 years ago, I was told they had to stay together no matter what. Those two chinchillas were inseparable and did everything together- eating, sleeping, playing…. Partners. Best friends. A whole.

But such is life to turn around and make it so difficult and unbearable sometimes. The few days after Keaton, Buster didn’t seem his usual bouncy, spunky, playful self. He seemed so sad and that hurt more to see him that way. I went out and bought him a little chinchilla sized dog toy that might make him feel not so alone anymore. I wasn’t sure at all if it would work, but it couldn’t hurt to try. And surprisingly he took to it right away. He jumps around a little more and he likes to sleep next to it at night. It’s cute to see him with it, but at the same time very sad and heartbreaking that it’s not his buddy Keaton.

That is life. Things happen that disturb your happy little world, but no matter how hard it is you need to find a little bright spot. Even if it is just a little friend for company.

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