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Full Moons of 2012 [Gallery]

In the beginning of January, I came across a collage someone put together of all the Full Moons they took during 2012.  (I can’t remember exactly where I saw it unfortunately.  I want to say it was a fan of EarthSky on Facebook and posted the picture on their page.)  It was really cool looking and one of those things that made me think “hey, I want to do that too!”.  Then I started thinking about it.  I took a lot of Moon photos during 2012 and thought I might have a pretty decent collection of Full Moons.  So I went back over the year and I was pleasantly surprised to see I had gotten 11 out of 13 Full Moons (August’s Blue Moon!) of 2012.  Since I did pretty well accidentally, I am going to intentionally try to get every single Full Moon of 2013.

Going back over 2012, my criteria for a photo to be in the gallery was to get the actual Full Moon date for every month and then anything I had taken the day before or after counted.  This way, I had 3 days to work with and get a “Full Moon”.  I will be following this same criteria for 2013.  I think this will just make my life a little easier and give me some space to work with.

Here is my personal collection of Full Moons of 2012.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  (Now if only I could figure out Photoshop enough to figure out how to make a really cool collage of them all….)


For January, I actually have a lot of really cool pictures of the Moon.  The Moon was so bright and full, and I remember driving around with Patrick trying to find the best spot to pull over so I could get pictures.  This one is a favorite of mine and ended up being my desktop picture for a while.

Full Wolf Moon: January 8, 2012

February’s picture was another pull over.  I was on my way to class and was amazed when I saw the Moon in the sky.  It looked like a giant barbeque potato chip up there.  I ended up being late to class because of it too.

Full Snow Moon: February 7, 2012

I think most of my Moon photos are because I pulled over while driving (it’s a wonder I get anywhere).  I was on my way home from class when I saw the Moon in my rear view mirror and had to stop.  I’m glad it came out as well as it did and it’s not noticeable at all that this was through my car’s back window.  This one is a favorite of mine as well.

Full Worm Moon: March 8, 2012

April’s Moon caught my attention because the sky was so pink and purple-y.  I’m not totally sure, but I’m almost sure there was lightning as well.  I pulled over again and took  pictures of the Moon as I tried to get some lightning photos, but didn’t succeed.  I think the lightning was my biggest focus this night and the Moon photos were just taken as I waited for the lightning.

Full Pink Moon: April 5, 2012

May’s Moon doesn’t have a little story to go with it like the previous.  I just wanted to practice using the manual settings on the camera so I stood out in the backyard and took some pictures of the Moon.  I like when I am able to get all the patterns on the Moon to show up.

Full Flower Moon: May 5, 2012

June’s Moon is the first photo I don’t have.  I have pictures of rain and rainbows for days before and after the Full Moon date, so I’m guessing it was too cloudy to see the Moon.  Since I wasn’t really paying attention to the Full Moons specifically, it is also possible I just didn’t see it and didn’t take any pictures.

Full Strawberry Moon: June 4, 2012 MIA

This is my least favorite of the year.  This one was taken right after the fireworks had ended.  The entire sky was smoke filled and black, but the Moon was bright red and stood out behind the smoke.  I was tired and wanted to get out of the park as quickly as possible and before the crowds started to leave, so I just took a few quick pictures.  If I was paying attention, I probably would have tried to get a better picture of July’s Moon when I got home or the next day.

Full Thunder Moon: July 4, 2012

August’s first Full Moon had a halo around it.  I love when I see the halo around the Moon and I’ve attempted to get some cool pictures of it, but so far I haven’t been quite happy with anything I’ve gotten so far.  This one had half the halo shining through with some cool looking black clouds in the sky.

Full Sturgeon Moon: August 1, 2012

When I found out August was going to have a Blue Moon, I knew I had to try and get a picture of it.  I wanted it included with my Project 365: 2.0 photos that I saw it.  There’s a horse farm at the end of the block from the house and I’ve always wanted to get a cool photo of the horses and the Moon but it never seemed to work out quite right.  I took a chance and stopped at the farm and everything worked out just perfectly.  I am very happy with how this came out and it’s one of my all time favorites.

Full Blue Moon: August 31, 2012

This was another spontaneous, pull over photo shoot.  The September Moon had a halo again, but (again) I didn’t get it the way I wanted it to look.  I remember the clouds being very fast moving over the Moon, which made almost every photo I took different than the last.

Full Harvest Moon: September 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy made landfall the very same night as the Full Moon.  And for about 3 weeks after, we were disabled: no electric, no heat, no work, nothing.  Poor NJ was at a standstill because of her.  Sandy also damaged my beloved Cavalier so badly that my insurance company just wrote it off.  I’m going to say that it is completely excusable and understandable that I didn’t get any pictures of the Moon for October even if I was purposely trying to get all the Full Moons.

Full Hunter’s Moon: October 29, 2012 MIA

I like November’s photo because Jupiter can be seen in the picture.  If you look close, that white dot in the upper left hand corner is Jupiter.  I like trying to get pictures of the stars and planets, but I’m not very good at it.  I’m still practicing though.  Maybe it would be easier if I wasn’t in the middle of NJ with light pollution everywhere.  I like to think that I’d have better luck somewhere like a National Park with less lights blocking my view.

Full Beaver Moon: November 28, 2012

The last Full Moon of 2012!  I went out purposely to get some pictures of the last (and 13th!) Full Moon of the year and I was happy with some of the pictures I got.  Though this was taken just over a month ago, I don’t remember anything specific surrounding this picture.  It probably was just a normal night and I wandered out in the yard to take some pictures of the last Full Moon of the year.

Full Cold Moon: December 28, 2012

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