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Drawing With Lights

Project 365 2.0: December 24, 2012 | Day 390

All Winter I’ve been trying to get outside and take some pictures of the ice crystals on my car.  It’s proven to be more difficult than I thought because it’s been a relatively warm Winter so far, and when there was some ice on the car I either was too lazy to get up or on my way to work and didn’t have the time.  This morning though, I sort of woke up and got outside in time before all the ice turned into water.  I took my macro lens and camera and experimented a little, and I’m impressed with what I came back with.  It almost looks fake, but it looks so pretty.

2 Responses to Project 365 2.0: December 24, 2012 | Day 390

  1. April Soman says:

    nicole, I just love these pictures! You have such talent. Will they ever be available as prints?

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