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Project 365 2.0: December 14, 2012 | Day 380

Today is a sad day for our country.  It’s weird though to think that while someone’s world is shattering to pieces around them, there’s someone else who’s world is shining a little brighter.  This is what happened to me today.  I am very sad to hear about the incident in CT and I can’t imagine being one of those parents.  I know that anything can happen at any time, but your child’s school should be one place you feel safe leaving them.  It’s sad to think this is not the way it is.  But that’s not what I meant to talk about… what I wanted to say was that there were people mourning for lost children because of a very senseless act, and I was buying a brand new car and celebrating with Cheesecake Factory Oreo cheesecake.  I almost feel guilty that I sat there in the restaurant, excited about my new car, enjoying dinner and cheesecake, and on the TV scenes from CT played.  It didn’t seem fair at all, but isn’t that the way of life…

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