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Drawing With Lights

Project 365 2.0: December 2, 2012 | Day 368

Today I went to look at new cars since I am about 95% sure I’ll need one.  The mechanic told me the engine is ruined due to water (which is a good thing… it means the insurance company will pay for the damages since it is from Stupid Super Storm Sandy).  Now I am just waiting for the insurance to decide to total it or just give me a check for Blue Book value.  I have a feeling it’ll be totaled.  It makes me sad but life goes on.  My plan was to look at cars and take some pictures of the ones I’m interested in (Chevy Cruze!) but I totally forgot all about it when I was looking.  When I got home I noticed all the sparrows sitting the front bush.  They were all just there hanging out together and looked so content and happy.

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