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Project 365 2.0: October 31, 2012 | Day 336

Super Storm Sandy cancelled Halloween for everyone this year.  It’s a good thing though because it really isn’t safe for kids to be wandering around with fallen trees, down wires, closed roads, and unlit streets.  One of the more exciting things to happen since Sandy arrived was a visit from President Obama and his Blackhawks.  Right around the corner from my mom’s apartment complex, South River and Sayreville meet.  There is a bridge there that spans over the Raritan River that connects the 2 towns.  This area was hit hard by Sandy and flooded very badly (my cousin lives there and he lost everything in his house.  He reported that water crashed through his living room windows and he was under 5ft of water).  All day today 2 Blackhawks and 2 NJ State Police helicopters have been flying overhead very low.  My mom and I thought it was Governor Christie flying around looking at Sandy’s aftermath.  We soon discovered that they had the helicopters landed at the old Sunshine Factory down the block so I took some pictures.  It was cool to think Christie was very close in the area.  Later on, my mom found out that it was actually Christie with Obama.  We didn’t realize that the President only travels with Blackhawks.  They both were down visiting the flooded bridge.  No matter if you voted for him or not, it is still very cool to have the President in your area.  I just wish it could have been for a happier reason.

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