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Project 365 2.0: October 29, 2012 | Day 334

Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the NJ/NY area relatively hard later today.  I have never gotten nervous about a rain or snow storm before.  Yes, it’s annoying that power will probably go out for a few days and everything will shut down, but for some reason this storm has my anxiety through the roof.  I filled my gas tank up (never have done that before any storm at all.  I’m not going anywhere, why do I need to get gas?) and I pulled money out of the ATM (again, never did that either and again, not going anywhere).  I have no idea what made me do those things, but I did.  I can’t stop worrying or looking out the window.  It’s 2pm and the storm is still about 200 miles away and we’re already being effected: the Raritan River has already flooded and there’s no where to go at this point.  The wind is so strong I’m watching my car almost tip over.  I keep refreshing the computer for the storm’s status, location, and updates which is not helping my anxiety at all.  Soon I plan on getting ready for bed and trying to sleep through the storm.  I want to wake up tomorrow with Sandy passed and this all over with.

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