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Project 365 2.0: October 27, 2012 | Day 332

In Philadelphia for the Exhumed Film’s 24-hr Horror-thon.  They’ve been featuring about 12 horror movies in a 24 hour time frame for the past few years, but this is the first year I finally went.  I have a tough time sitting through a movie or two, let alone 12 in a packed theater for 24 hours.  This year’s movie count?  Fifteen!  I had no idea what to expect but I can say I had a lot of fun.  They showed some really cool movies and not so cool movies that I ended up sleeping through.  I did though somehow manage to take pictures of 13/15 title shots so I’m impressed with that (One was their fault: the movie film got messed up a little in the beginning and had to be restarted.  When it came back up on the screen, it was passed the title.  The second my fault: I was just too slow when it popped up.)  My favorite part was the food: tons of vegan stuff to pick from!  Will I go again next Halloween?  It’s a possibility so we’ll see.

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