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Drawing With Lights

Project 365 2.0: October 22, 2012 | Day 327

Today I went out to do some errands and buy Spooky a birthday present for next week (Halloween!).  After my trip, I went outside to look around for a little bit.  The Moon was out but I felt like I’ve taken that same picture numerous times already.  I’m getting down to the last 40 days or so and it’s starting to get a little tough for me.  Then I heard a flock of geese squawking to each other and I hoped I would be able to get them.  I sort of did, I think.  I like it better in black and white.  As I watched them fly away for warmer weather, it kind of made me wish I could go with them.  I don’t deal well in cold weather so I’m not looking forward to the cold.  I also keep reading articles that are predicting this to be a pretty bad and snowy Winter, which doesn’t make me happy either.

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