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Project 365 2.0: October 2, 2012 | Day 307

Patrick found me a box of cool elephant statues at an auction (yes, that buying/selling project is still going strong!  And going pretty well, I might add).  Everyone thinks turtles are my favorite animal… well, they are.  I guess they’re my favorite “I can have as a pet” animal.  My favorite “I can never have as a pet” animal would definitely be the elephant.  I think they’re so pretty and graceful and just amazing creatures.  I love how they interact with each other and how they mourn for each other.  On my bucket list is to go to Africa, go on an African safari, see them, and take really cool pictures.

2 Responses to Project 365 2.0: October 2, 2012 | Day 307

  1. Patrick says:

    You like to watch Elephants mourn each other? That is sick….

    That’s a cool picture, though! He’s a nice elephant.

  2. Nicole says:

    No I don’t like to watch them mourn but I like the idea that they do. It’s a nice gesture that they care about it each other and miss one another.

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