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Project 365 2.0: September 15, 2012 | Day 290

Patrick’s new hobby and obsession is to go to public auction sales, get a bunch of stuff (or junk, depending on what you think of it all) for really cheap, and then sell it on eBay.  We’re both in on the project: he goes to the auctions and bring everything home (I’d go with him but I work on Saturdays and the auctions so far have been on Saturday mornings), and I take pictures of everything to post on eBay, pack it all up safely once it’s bought, and send it off to its new home.  So far it’s been a lot of fun since we’re actually earning some money for the stuff he brings home.  On his first trip to an auction, he brought home a box of old newspapers with very cool headlines.  There were a lot of headlines from WWII, Kennedy’s assassination, Roosevelt’s 4th term win, and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.  I had to keep a few of the cooler ones (like the Moon landing!) but the others we may sell.

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