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Drawing With Lights

Project 365 2.0: September 14, 2012 | Day 289

This part of Patrick’s film collection.  We were randomly picking out unlabeled films to put through the projector to see what was on them.  We watched 2 8mm home movies- one was a wedding and the other was some sort of family get together (Thanksgiving?  Birthday party?  It was really hard to tell what was going on).  The third 8mm film we watched was a little more exciting.  It was an untitled Peter Cushing Frankenstein movie.  We tried to figure out which movie we had but Cushing had done many Frankenstein movies and there really wasn’t any way to tell which one we had.  It’s a lot of fun to randomly pick up a movie without knowing at all what it is and just watching what happens.  Everyone should do that once in a while.  Try it sometime.  I think it’ll give you a more open mind of the movie and it’ll be more fun to watch.

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