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Project 365 2.0: August 19, 2012 | Day 263

Patrick ran his first 50K (31 miles!) in Turkey Swamp Park.  I am very proud of him for finishing the race; he’s been training for it all summer and I’m glad to see his hard work pay off.  I did keep him company and ran with him for 1 lap (about 2 miles).  I showed up about 25 miles into his race and when I met him at the end of his lap, he asked me to come with him.  I now know that Patrick has to run at least 25 miles for me to be faster than him and cheer him on to keep going.  Usually it’s the other way around and he’s cheering me on to keep going.  He’s already planning his next 50K and I’m planning my next half marathon, so we’ll be doing a lot of cheering for each other.

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