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Project 365 2.0: August 13, 2012 | Day 257

Patrick has wanted pancakes for the last week or so and it seemed like pancakes were being mentioned everywhere.  I finally made them as a breakfast dinner tonight and I have to say: I make really, really good pancakes.  I’m not usually impressed with my cooking (though everyone else is, especially when they learn it’s vegan and tastes “normal”) but I was with these.  I made plain pancakes for Patrick and made myself a batch of blueberry.  I added tofu scramble with kale and onions but that tasted a little plain.  It was supposed to include sausages but I noticed they were not vegan when I got home.  So they were part of my breakfast dinner, not Patrick’s.  I think I’m going to make pancakes again soon but make lots of them, until we’re both stuffed and can’t eat another pancake.

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