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Drawing With Lights

Project 365 2.0: July 29, 2012 | Day 242

Another spontaneous trip to Thompson Park.  I was a little early getting to where I needed to be and it was such a beautiful afternoon that I decided to stop and see what I could find.  When I got there, the park was so packed with people and my usual place by the lake was crowded with fishers, walkers, bikers, and photographers.  I’m so shy about taking pictures in front of others (I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and shouldn’t be taking any in the first place) that I actually sat in my car for about 15 minutes while someone else took their photos.  He was so much fancier than me: tripods, lenses, timers, everything.  I felt so inadequate, unknowing, and self-conscious about my own photos.  I finally did venture out while he was still around but I kind of went off to the side away from him.  And I discovered these blue dragonflies in the grass.  They were so pretty but I had to be careful about keeping my distance.  They flew away if I got too close to them.  I guess they were shy about the camera too.

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