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Project 365 2.0: July 1, 2012 | Day 214

Today Patrick and I went on a spontaneous walk through the Assunpink Reserves that’s right near the house.  We spotted this guy following us with curiosity.  The focus is off but I was trying to keep my distance.  I had rabies shots about 5 years ago and I don’t ever want a repeat- they are not fun.  The first day of shots were the most painful- 6 shots at once, including 2 right in the wound, 1 in each hip, and 1 in each shoulder.  I have never gotten physically nauseous and weak from pain before or since.  My hands and knees were so shaken up I couldn’t sign the paperwork afterwards.  I could have signed away my life on my 35th birthday and I wouldn’t have known, I was so out of it.  Side note: I found out that the nurses were actually fighting in the back on who had to give me the shots.  I was so nice (and probably oblivious to what was actually going to happen) that no one wanted to do it.  Then after that it was just 1 shot a week for almost 2 months.  (Thank you Patrick for going to every single appointment and sitting in the room with me.  I know it wasn’t an easy thing to witness.)  The Assunpink though is one of my favorite places to be- there are 3 lakes and lots of trails and dirt roads to wander around.  I also let Stinky and Floyd (my 2 turtles) go here.  After much research, thought, and visits to local lakes and parks, I picked this one because it’s huge lake to roam in, there are other painter turtles that live here, and it’s a reserved and protected area.  I like to come by and say hello to them.

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