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Project 365 2.0: May 28, 2012 | Day 180

This baby bluejay somehow got out of the nest and ended up on the ground. I was really worried about its safety and had no idea how I could try to help it. As I was figuring this out and sort of guarding it, the parents came by and swooped down at me. Since I am terrified of birds, I ran away very fast but stayed close enough to watch them take care of the baby. For about 4 days, the parents patrolled the area very seriously- nothing was safe: geese, squirrels, birds, stray cats, people... anything that came into this little bird's vicinity got attacked. It was so cute to watch the baby learn to fly, and he was doing so well. But unfortunately, one of the stray cats got a hold of him. My mom heard the commotion and stopped the cat from doing damage to the baby but he still died. She buried him next to the bush he was living in for about a week. So sad to watch the parents. They're looking still looking for him but I am very impressed how well they guarded that baby.

2 Responses to Project 365 2.0: May 28, 2012 | Day 180

  1. Annette says:

    Oh no! That makes me so sad.

  2. i090- says:

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