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Project 365 2.0: April 29, 2012 | Day 151

Exhumed Films eX-Fest Part II was today!  Seven films over 12 hours, vegan food and treats, and cool merchandise to spend money on all in the middle of Philly.  What could be a better way to spend a perfectly nice Sunday afternoon/evening/night?  I am glad to report that I somehow managed to take pictures of every movie’s title as it was on the screen.  I have them all and trying to make a cool collage of them but I hate Photoshop.  I am terrible with it, it confuses and frustrates me, and it never comes out the really cool way I have it in my head.  Right now the collage I have saved is really boring but after struggling for 3 hours I called it quits.  In general, I am not a fan of overly Photoshopped photos.  I really like being able to say that none of my pictures are Photoshopped (besides the adjustment of colors, tints, saturation, etc. all in the name of “easier to look at”) but I do think Photoshop can be a really cool program for collages and stuff…  if one knows how to do it right and not end up with lost or weirdly adjusted photos that won’t go back to it’s original starting point.  So who knows if my eX-Fest movie title collage will ever be shown to the world.  I’d love to share it with everyone but right now it’s not impressive.  Not even slightly.  So instead I will show this one, which was Film #7, the last one of the night.  I made it through 6 movies, which is an impressive achievement for me.  And I would gladly go again next year if Part III comes around.

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