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Project 365 2.0: April 26, 2012 | Day 148

I don't remember what inspired my "make homemade pizza" idea but I'm glad it happened and even more so, glad it worked. When I usually make pizza at home, I buy the frozen pizza dough in Wegman's. It's good but I really don't like waiting for it to defrost. It takes a long time and most of the time my pizza ideas come spur of the moment. I usually don't have it ready beforehand or plan ahead to let it defrost on its own time. I'm usually trying to fight with it, defrosting it in the microwave, and struggling to flatten it out with it still being very cold. So to skip that aggravation, I thought I would make my very own dough at home. Few requirements: I needed to have 99% of the ingredients at home (I didn't want to end up with a huge shopping list of stuff), it needed to have very few ingredients (the less the ingredients, the more I am likely to try the recipe), and it needed to be easy and ready to use instantly (no waiting around. I'm hungry and want my pizza!). And I found the most perfect, easy, quick, and ready instantly pizza dough ever on I love VegWeb. It is my go-to place for recipes, ideas, inspirations, hints, and suggestions. I've found a lot of recipes here that is now in my permanent rotation, this one being the newest addition. Ingredients: yeast, water, some salt, oil, and flour. Mix yeast and water. Add salt and oil. Add flour. Add extra spices if you're feeling adventurous. Now you have pizza dough! It's so easy I think this will replace the frozen dough I buy from the store. (PS: my photo of the dough ball above looks like a face to me. Just thought I'd share that.)

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