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Project 365 2.0: April 19, 2012 | Day 141

I was feeling ambitious so I made something new and different. I have always wanted to have a quick and easy veggie burger recipe with very little ingredients (one of my cooking pet peeves: recipes with a huge list of ingredients. If it has more than 10 or so, I probably won't make it just because. I might try it for a Holiday, cut stuff out/improvise, or find a similar recipe with less stuff). I found one that seemed interesting: baked quinoa burgers. The ingredients: quinoa, spinach, garlic, some spices, flour, and an egg replacer. The result: I liked them a lot and was very happy with them. Patrick wasn't as big a fan. He had some critiquing, so next time I think I'll have to adjust the spices and garlic. Along with the burgers, I cut up some potatoes for some home made french fries, which I always like. Add my "honey" mustard sauce (so very good and addicting. And only 3 ingredients!) to everything and dinner I must say, wasn't too shabby.

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