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Favorite Friday: To Flash or Not to Flash?

On Fridays I will post other photos, tips, articles, etc. that I found interesting, entertaining, amusing, or just made me happy.

My first one is an article that I came across while fulfilling my “reading blogs” obsession this morning.  As an amateur photographer (if you even want to call me that) who knows nothing about photography, this made me really excited to think I may actually have some kind of idea of what I’m doing.

“Give Up Your Flash For Lent”, by Jessica Claire from The Pioneer Woman

It talks about not using your flash.  I hate using my flash.  I rarely use it.  I think it makes my pictures look like they have an eerie glow.  That’s probably why I prefer taking pictures outside so I can use natural lighting and there’s no need for it.  I probably don’t know how to use the flash correctly to make it worthwhile to use, but in the meantime, I will continue to take my scenery pictures.  Outside, without the flash.

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