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Project 365 2.0: March 25, 2012 | Day 116

Patrick came home from his weekend trip to MI today, so I greeted him with a BAT sandwich: bacon, avocado, and turkey (all vegan of course). I am lucky that I have not had major difficulties being a vegetarian/vegan with my friends and family, but the occasional snide comments do bother me. Why is my food called "fake"? What makes a meat eater's bacon or hotdog "real"? I think my food is more real than a "normal" hotdog or bacon. My "fake" food doesn't list fillers, by-products, or intestines as ingredients. What sounds real about that? I also don't have to worry about pink slime, ingredients that are in shoe soles and yoga mats (hello McDonald's McRib!), diseases if it's not cooked well enough, cholesterol, etc... there are so many other political, environmental, animal, and health reasons why I am a vegetarian. All I ask is that you do not call my food choices "fake" or "weird". The majority of my friends are meat eaters and I don't call their choices of food "disgusting" or go into a tirade as to why they shouldn't eat their hamburger. Show me the same respect. And keep an open mind. I am a very good cook and I will gladly make you a great dinner (with dessert!) and show you vegetarians and vegans definitely don't eat boring.

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