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Who Are You Calling Crabby?

This guy was at the Camden Aquarium too.  If I remember correctly, I believe this is a spider crab.  He was pretty big and just sat there watching everyone admiring him.  Looking at crabs and lobsters always remind me of when I stopped eating fish (and so it was the beginning of a vegetarian).  I was about 8-years-old and in North Carolina one summer with my family.  I never knew how people cooked crabs and honestly, never really thought about it.  I remember going to the store with my dad, bringing home a box full of live crabs, sitting in the back of the car and being fascinated with them as they crawled and climbed all over.  I was still oblivious to their future as I watched my grandmother in the kitchen getting dinner ready.  When she took each one out of the box and dropped them one by one into the boiling pot of water on the stove, I was so horrified that I went crying into my bedroom and refused to come out for dinner.  I didn’t even want to see anyone eat and tear apart those poor animals in front of me.  My grandma felt so terrible about doing that in front of me that she still apologizes to me.  My family still talks about my “traumatic experience” today.  (Picture taken 2/11/12)

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