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Favorite Friday: Christmas Lights & Dislplays From Around the World

I love the Holiday season.  I love everything about it- the presents, food, family and friends, parties, and the lights and displays.  Everything looks so pretty and festive decorated with lights.  It makes the Holidays that much more special and unique to the other Holidays because I don’t think any other Holiday gets so much attention to decorations like this time of year does.  Well, maybe you can argue Halloween does but the decorations aren’t pretty.  They’re scary, creepy, and can be very cool looking.  But if I’m looking for beautiful decorations and displays that make me speechless, I’m going to be looking at Christmas and the Holiday season for that.

National Geographic has a series titled Top 10 Places to See Holiday Lights and they’re all very beautiful.  One of my favorites from the series is from Copenhagen, Denmark.  It’s from an 1843 amusement park and visitors can fly over the decorated and lit park on an 1914 roller coaster.

Picture taken by Sisse Brimberg/Cotton Coulson, Keenpress. Location: Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Click for larger image)

In Brussels, Belgium, visitors can enjoy beautiful lit buildings with piped-in music.  At the Christmas market, vendors serve Belgium waffles and candies.  I want to walk around shopping, listening to music, and eating waffles too.

Photography by Thierry Roge/Reuters, Corbis. Location: Brussels, Belgium. (Click for larger image)

The next one not only shows Christmas lights from Japan but it also shows the Christmas spirit between 2 countries.  In 1995, after the Kobe earthquake hit, Italy loaned the country thousands of hand-painted bulbs built into intricate luminarie– light-strung, Gothic-style structures.  To this day, the tradition continues between the two countries.  Not only are the lights beautiful but the tradition is as well.  This should remind us what the Holiday season is really all about.

Photography by Jiji Press, AFP/Getty Images. Location: Higashi-Yuenchi Park near Kobe, Japan. (Click for larger image)

To view the entire series, go here.  And the next time you look at a beautiful decorated building, please take a moment to really look at it, breathe, and relax.  Too many people become stressed out and mean around this time of year.  It is not what the Holidays are about.  It’s about sharing, being together, and thankful for everyone in your life.  It’s truly a beautiful time of the year that should extend to all year, not only for a couple of weeks.  Don’t let your stress and anger let you miss out the beautiful things in life.

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