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Favorite Friday: Lunar Eclipses and Moon Obsessions

Looking back at older “Favorite Friday” posts I saw that I had recently posted one about the solar eclipse on June 3.  But since that was 6 months ago and a lunar eclipse (when the Earth casts its shadow across the moon) just took place this past week with even more beautiful pictures I can show you, I thought I’d post about it again.  And it fits this time around as well since I am obsessed with the moon and working on my Moon series project for the next couple of months.

Once again, The Big Picture – came through with fantastic photos that, once I see them, I feel the need to share with everyone I know.  On December 12, they posted its own series of the lunar eclipse photos from around the world titled Lunar Eclipse of December 10, 2011.  This total eclipse was best seen in Asia.  Here in North America, it was best seen on the west coast.  The next total eclipse will occur in 2014.

Picture taken by Matt Mills McKnight/Reuters. Location: Selkirk Mountain Range near Sandpoint, ID on 12/10/11. (Click for larger image)

One of my favorite photos of the series is from a place off my “I want to go!” travel list.  And it also involves another one of my obsessions: bridges.  I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I picture it as such a fun and entertaining place to be.  Here are 2 photos featuring the Golden Gates:

Picture taken by Ben Margot/AP. Location: San Francisco, CA on 12/10/11. (Click for larger image)

Picture taken by Frederic Larson/San Francisco Chronicle/AP. Location: San Francisco, CA on 12/10/11. (Click for larger image)

This next one is my absolute favorite of the entire series.  The moon isn’t a reddish tint but I think everything else makes up for it.  I love the starry sky and the shooting star flying past.  This would be something I would love to have framed and hanging on my wall.

Picture taken by Santa Rosa Press Democrat/AP. Location: Hawkeye Ranch near Geyserville, CA on 12/10/11. (Click for larger image)

I will leave you with one last image from the series that is one of my favorites.  If you want to see the others (and I highly recommend it), you can go here.  If that doesn’t fill your moon needs, you can see my first post on eclipses here if you so desire.  There, I had posted one of my own eclipse photos I had taken when it was visible to me on December 21, 2010.  I woke up at 3 am and not only was I sleepy, it was so cold out I had a tough time playing with the settings on my camera.  The photo I got wasn’t terrible so I’m not disappointed I woke up that early to see it.

Picture taken by Ali Jarekji/Reuters. Location: Temple of Hercules in Amman, Jordan on 12/10/11. (Click for larger image)

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