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Project 365 2.0: December 11, 2011 | Day 11

This is part of a film and projection collection. These were from a friend who got them from a flea market, antique store, or some other similar place. The collection is slowly growing. Right now it includes 8mm, a Super 8, and two 16mm (one of them has sound!) projectors. The films in the collection has (but not limited to) a 16mm Roaring Rails (Buster Keaton's The General cut to 60 minutes), some 16mm Three Stooges, 8mm old home movies, and 8mm Jason and the Argonauts. All of it is very cool looking and fun to have. I personally haven't been lucky enough to see any of them yet, but my first pick would probably be the Buster Keaton movie. The old home movies could be interesting as well.

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