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Drawing With Lights
I Have a Confession...
Picture taken by Greg Sorber/The Alburquerque Journal.  Location: Albuquerque, NM on 5/20/12.  (Click for larger image)
Picture taken 5/2/12
Picture taken by Anthony Johnson, Getty Images.  Location: Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  (Click for larger image)
Location: Acadia National Park, ME on 5/18/11
Photography by Jiji Press, AFP/Getty Images.  Location: Kobe, Japan.  (Click for larger image)
Picture taken by Ali Jarekji/Reuters.  Location: Temple of Hercules in Amman, Jordan on 12/10/11.  (Click for larger image)
Picture taken by Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images.  Location: Old Town Square in Prague on 11/26/11.  (Click for larger image)
Location: Roosevelt, NJ on 12/21/10
Picture taken by Steve Shpall.  Location: Acadia National Park, Maine.  Mount Desert Island.  (Click for larger image)
Picture taken by Zaki Ghawas/Reuters on 4/1/11 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.